The Rules Of Professional Conduct Are A Floor, Not A Ceiling.
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Chandra Law Office is located in the City of Toronto, Etobicoke. We are a full-service law firm helping clients worldwide. We primarily focus on Family Law, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Personal Injury, Real Estate Conveyance and Business Transaction as well as Private M&A. We are accustomed to going the extra mile for our clients in almost any area of the law. If you are wondering, “can you help me with that?”, the answer is yes, we can.


Ms. Sudha Chandra is the founder and practising lawyer of Chandra Law Office. She has law practice experience in both Ontario and the United States of America. For the last two decades, Ms. Chandra advises clients on a wide range of matters, including Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Family Law, and Personal Injury. Ms. Chandra acquired profound litigation experience, and she has provided legal service for many Canada nonprofit organizations, societies, and organizations. In addition to litigation, Ms. Chandra is also experienced in the areas of Business Law. Before founding Chandra Law Office, Ms. Chandra worked at a global law firm when she resided in the USA. After relocating to Canada, she advises on a wide range of Business Law matters, including Conveyance, Commercial Leasing, Business Transaction, and Private Merge&Acquisition. As a loved and respectful mom, Ms. Chandra always attempts to negotiate on behalf of her Family Law clients to achieve a quick, fair and efficient resolution. When a matter has to proceed to court, Ms. Chandra will pursue her clients' best interest in a strategic, tough and fearless approach.

Ethan Wang is a practising lawyer in both Ontario and China. He primarily focused on Financing and Secured Transaction when he practised law in China. Mr. Wang has appeared for clients before all levels of courts in China, including the Supreme Court of China in Beijing. He graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School and studied from Ms. Jinyan Li, who is a leading scholar in Canada Tax Law. He recently completed his Ontario lawyer licensing training. Mr. Wang is familiar with Chinese culture and can speak English as well as Mandarin. If you need to talk to a lawyer for your legal needs, please call/text Mr. Wang's cell at (416) 575-9680 or add Mr. Wang's WeChat.

​Chandra Law Office has other lawyers who can provide Cantonese service. Our team also has experienced paralegals for your needs in Personal Injury, Small Claims, and Real Estate Conveyance.